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Golf Carts we carry and Why

Ultimate Golf Carts
Ultimate Golf Cart Industries, Inc
Corporate Headquarters Southern California

These Golf carts come in series:
Cobra                 4 and 6 Seater
Mongoose          4 and 6 Seater
Raven                 4 and 6 Seater
Stallion Cruzzer 4 seater
Luxury Imperial 4 and 6 seater all seats facing forward   Most luxurious in the industry


All Ultimate Golf carts are assembled here in the USA.  We utilize only the finest frames, suspensions, motors, controllers, batteries, braking systems, bodies, seats, tops and wheels and tires that meet our stringent requirements.
We are very particular on all our electronics and lighting options also.
All Ultimate Carts are just that ULTIMATE, with you in mind for you will help design it with us at one of our retail showrooms and we will build it just the way you want it down to the final detail, FOR YOU!

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